Wedding Day Tips

You could say we know a thing or two about weddings, so we've put together a few of tips to help you plan the most important day of your life.


1. Do What You Want

Trends come and go, and traditions are often old and outdated. Don't let yourself feel trapped by what you think you're supposed to do, instead do what you really want to do!  Elope on a mountain, wear a pink dress, skip the bridal party. It's your day, do whatever YOU want!

Wedding Trends to Rethink



2. Details

You probably spent a lot of money on your invitations, and save the dates, so bring them along for a photo!  It helps if you put all of these small items in a little box, instead of scattered all over the room. Your shoes, your jewelry, gifts, perfume, fancy makeup, and other pretty stuff. When it’s all in a box, nothing will get missed.




3. The Dress

You spent a ton of money on your wedding dress, and we’re excited to photograph it, but I promise, you do not want that ugly plastic hanger it came on in every photograph! You don't even need to spend any money, just grab a nice wooden hanger from your closet and bring it along!

Since we're talking about the dress, you also should just accept the fact that it's going to get a bit dirty. As photographers we are always scouting out beautiful light and beautiful locations, but sometimes they might require you to hop a fence, or walk through a field of tall grass or a muddy path. Of course you can always tell us to shove it, and stick with  "cleaner" locations, but that might mean sacrificing the best possible photos.



4. Florals

Flowers are gorgeous, but they can be spendy. If you don't have the budget for tons of floral arrangements, that's perfectly OK. Instead of breaking the bank for arrangements on every table, or huge bouquets for all your bridesmaids, consider investing on a stunning bridal bouquet for yourself! It will be with you in tons of your wedding photos, so treat yo-self!



5. Getting Ready

Pick your getting ready area carefully. Lighting is KEY. If you’re in a dark room, your photos will be also be dark, and won't look great, there is no sugar coating that. Pick a place with lots of space, and lots of big windows, and natural light.

Also, while getting ready, have everyone keep their stuff in one corner of the room. This way there aren't bras, coffee cups and garbage in the background of all your beautiful photos. 

Also, try to avoid having a lot of extra people in the room with you. Getting ready can be stressful, especially if you're feeling crowded. Less people, mean more space for your photographer and cinematographers to work. We've even seen an increase of couples getting ready together on their wedding day, and we LOVE this new trend. Stop spending half the day hiding from each other, and get ready together instead! 

Getting Ready Together



6. Ceremony Lighting

You've picked the perfect venue, but what does it look like at 4pm when the hot summer sun is beating down on everyone's heads, causing squinty eyes, and shadows that cover half of your face. Consider a ceremony location that is fully shaded for soft, even lighting. If a fully shaded location is not available, consider having the ceremony in full sun. If half of the wedding party is in shade and the other half is in the sun, the mixed lighting will make for very rough, uneven photos.




7. Awesome photos Take Time

You might think 25 minutes is enough for portraits with your loved one on your big day, but if you want GREAT portraits, consider allocating at least of one full hour for photos. Traditional wedding venues usually have specific locations for photos, and while they're nice, they're often overused, and cliche. With more time, we can drive off-site, and get creative. It also gives you a private moment away from your guests and family to relax with your partner.



8. Unplugged weddings

Real talk, the bright lights from your guests camera flashes can RUIN our photos. Not to mention guests with cameras, cell phones or iPads often tend to lean in the aisles, and get in our way which can makes it very difficult for us to get the shots you hired hired to get.  Avoid all this by asking your guests to put down their cameras during the ceremony, or even all together.

Here is an article and satire video that we were in (that went viral) with lots of examples!



9. Allow Yourself to Feel Beautiful

Your wedding day may be the first time you've ever had professional photos taken, and that's ok, we've got you! Relax, breath, maybe grab a shot of whiskey, and allow yourself to feel beautiful. Get cozy with your partner, and try to keep it as natural as possible.



10. Have Fun, and Remember What Really Matters

Weddings can be stressful, but they don't have to be. Relax, and don't sweat the small stuff. Keep the focus on what really matters, marrying the love of your life, and having a party!



11. Hire People You Like

You will be spending all day with your wedding vendors, so make sure you hire people who are good at what they do, but also whose personalities you actually like. This will help keep your day less stressful.



Recommended Vendos we love

Floral Styling: Bramble FloralDearhouse Collective, Ink and Peat

Planning/Coordinating: Your Perfect Bridesmaid

Hair and Makeup: Cassandra Kennedy Beauty,  Jessica Kersch from The Hair Garage, Austie Eckley

Wardrobe Styling: Lewis & Levy

Rentals: Something Borrowed PDX, Commonwealth Rentals