VSCOCAM Inspired Lightroom and ACR Presets

We love VSCOCAM, and for years we've waited for them to make Lightroom and Photoshop equivalents of their mobile presets, but they never did. So we decided to do it ourselves!! We've spent countless hours, and tested hundreds of images side by side in Lightroom and VSCOCAM, to make sure each presets style, look, and tone have been replicated as accurately as possible, and we couldn't be happier with the results! We originally made these for personal use only, but after the overwhelming response we received from the vsco community, we decided to make them available for purchase! We hope you love them as much as we do, and we cannot wait to see how you use them!

Use #graceandjadenpresets so we can see your awesome work!!

M5 Inspired

The M5 inspired preset has rich fiery tones, glowy matte highlights, and a subtle fade.

A6 Inspired

The A6 inspired preset has desaturated cool tones, soft clean highlights, and bold but slightly faded blacks.

A4 Inspired

The A4 inspired preset has a vintage aged look, with warm natural tones, lightly matted highlights and a subtle fade

B6 Inspired

The B6 inspired preset is both moody and bright, with dramatic depth, deep faded darks, and a slightly gritty texture.

B2 Inspired

The B2 inspired preset has heavily faded highlights and shadows, and a slight boost of clarity.


Images courtesy of Catalina Jean and Dallas + Sabrina