The One Where We've Been Married Half a Decade


 As wedding photographers, it's our job to tell everyone else's love story. But, today is our 5th Anniversary, so i'm gonna tell you ours. I'm even gonna let you in on a few secrets that might get us both in trouble, but this is our story and we wouldn't be where we are today if anything had been different. So here you go. Enjoy.

My Freshman year of highschool, I got caught shoplifting mascara from Rite Aid. Dumb, I know, but I was a kid, and we all make mistakes. Instead of pressing charges they fined me, so my dad got me a job cleaning trash at the Country Fair to pay for it. 

After a week of sweating and stinking in my sexy orange work vest, I bumped into a skinny brown haired boy on his way to the concert. He was eating an elephant ear, and I commented that it looked delicious. We spent the rest of the night talking and laughing, while I hid from my boss because I was still on the clock. Oops, sorry dad.

I was grounded all summer, so we spent the next few months sneaking out to meet up at the park, and sneaking phone calls while I hid under my sisters bed (yes mom, she was lying when she said I wasn't in there).

Then school started, and after many bummed rides, and chaperoned dates, we got too busy, and split up. No tears, just a hug and a see ya later.

Years passed and  I got a job at Little Caesars. He had just moved back to town and happened to come in one night. When we spotted each other it was like no time had passed. We hugged, grabbed a coffee to catch up and spent the evening reminiscing. We spent the whole summer together, we jumped off cliffs, drove through states to see concerts, made cheesey music videos, and rode on the roofs of our cars. That was it. We were stuck. 

Plot twist, I was already registered for College in Maui and after summer, I moved across the ocean. Before I knew it we we're making each other sappy warped tour mix tapes, wiping our tears on our black hoodies, and saying goodbye.

Eight months, and hundreds of dollars of calling cards later, he finally bought a ticket to come visit me. And then he decided to stay. He moved in with my friend, and we took the island by storm. We bought a van for $1, got tattoos, got jobs, lost jobs, ditched class, surfed, hiked, camped, slept under the stars, and sang at the top of our lungs.

The semester ended, and he got into a school hundreds of miles away. I stayed. The next two years seemed like ten minutes and a thousand year at the same time. We hardly ever saw each other and were lucky to talk a few times a week. But before I knew it I was graduating and moving closer to him to go to University. We were finally in the same city. Then after 4 years of long distance dating, on a freezing cold night in December, he brought me to the place where we first met, and proposed. We were married the following September.

In the five years we've been married we've done a lot. We worked as nannies, lived in a flooding basement,  walked to work when we had no car. We struggled through college, scrimped and saved, ate a ton of Ramen, and dreamed big. We've moved 4 times, to 4 cities. We gained weight, lost weight, went on mission trips, recorded music, and even  started a small business.

We have always supported each other. He worked two jobs to put me through nursing school, and I encouraged him to chase his dreams. It has been an adventure but we have enjoyed every second. We have loved each other from the beginning. We are best friends. We are Team Hurtienne. We are made for each other.

Grace + Jaden