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We are Grace & Jaden

We are a husband and wife team, professional pizza eaters, and full-time adventure seekers!

We met at the county fair over cotton candy when we were 15. We met again over Little Caesar's Pizza 5 years later, and have been crazy about each other ever since! Read our full story HERE.

We have a nonsense podcast. We made up ridiculous songs for our dogs. We like video games, science fiction,  road trips, loud music, swimming, camping, hiking, and laughing, and we NEVER take ourselves too seriously!

image by Jennifer Moher

This is Grace

Grace is pretty NEAT! 

She lives on cereal and ice cream, and would be happy if they had stopped making music after the 80's.

She cannot cook, and could beat you at any MARIO game ever made. This is a fact!

She thinks she can dance, but she is SO wrong. 

You should let her take your photos.

This is Jaden

He likes to play music, sing loudly, and he went viral on the internet once.

He grew up practicing his Jim Carrey faces, and has since mastered many of them!

 He likes to eat onions as if they were apples, and has a bad habit of leaving wet towels on top of clean clothes. 

He likes fine beer, and cheap food. 

You should let him take your photos.